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Ignis requires 2 tanks: one for him, and one for the Constructs.

On engage, MD Ignis to your tank, and bring him to one of the pools of water.

Ignis periodically drops a flame patch on the ground with Scorch. The MT must move out of it.

Iron Contructs

Each time Ignis activates an Iron Construct, he gains a stack of Strength of the Creator.

OT's must pick up the Iron Constructs and stand in the flame patch on the ground so the Constructs gain stacks of Heat.

As soon as a Construct has 20 stacks of Heat he will turn Molten and drop aggro. It must be taunted and moved very quickly into the water where they turn Brittle.

Molten Golems

Someone capable of doing 5k damage in a single nuke needs to be ready to attack the Constructs when they turn Brittle.

This will shatter the Construct, dealing 20k AE damage and removing one stack of Strength of the Creator from Ignis.

Slag Pot

Periodically he throws people in his Slag Pot. They can heal themselves, and must be healed until they come out.

If you survive Slag Pot, you get the buff Slag Imbued.

Flame Jets

Flame Jets is a counterspell as well as dealing large amounts of raid damage.

All casters and healers need to be aware of when it casts and not be casting any spells when it goes off, or they will be silenced in that casting school for eight seconds.

General Tips

Iron Constructs move very slowly (slower than unbuffed player run speed) and have a fairly light melee attack. Iron Constructs can be snared, slowed, rooted, stunned, and taunted.

When Iron Constructs stand in the center of the swirls of fire left behind by Scorches, they begin to gain the buff Heat, increasing their movement speed by 5% and haste by 5% for each stack, up to a maximum of 20 stacks.

Upon reaching 20 stacks of Heat, Iron Constructs become Molten, which keeps their melee haste at 100% and add a 5k Fire damage per second 7 yard radial tick around the Construct, thus increasing their damage potential precipitously. This condition lasts for 20 seconds before the Iron Constructs revert to normal.

Molten Iron Constructs can be brought to the pools of water on the sides of Ignis's hall. An Iron Construct in Molten condition brought inside a pool of water will be doused and turn Brittle. Brittle Iron Constructs are stunned for 15 seconds, are much more likely to be critical hit, and are instantly shattered if a player hits them for 5000 damage or more in a single attack. Destroying a Brittle Iron Construct in this manner causes it to deal 20,000 damage in a 10 yard radius around itself.

Most importantly, however, shattering a construct removes one of the stacking buffs from Ignis: it's critical to winning the fight, otherwise your tank ends up being one-shot.


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