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posticon Guild Invites

Two main strengths of our guild are the personalities and inter-relationships of our most honorable Knights. emoticon We like our friends and family atmosphere here and the mature, creative, fun players we share /gu with. Generally, we are a fun place for casual players and we have ZERO drama here. We want to keep it that way. One “bad apple” can cause a ton of grief in a very short time by upsetting/grieving another guildie or any other player for that matter. OotSK maintains a very respectable reputation in the EQOA community and we wish to keep it that way. The best way to do that is to be very selective on who we add to the guild. The more good people we add, the more we attract others. There may be people whom you don’t know asking how they can get invited to the guild, or there may be friends or family members that you would like to have join the guild. We hate to complicate fun with a ton of rules, so the intent of this post is to communicate the guidelines on guild invites.


If you know someone who you would like to present to the leadership as a potential new member, just refer them to any of the ranked members. Give the officer or elder any details or information about the player that would help them determine if there is a potential good fit for both the guild and the player. If the player has access to the internet, refer them to our forum and encourage them to post. Most of our members are active on the forums, it is the best place to get attention and get to know people better. The following is is an excerpt from Ryverwynd's sticky topic on the Main Chat Forum about the OotSK:


How to join:
Membership to the guild is by invitation, obviously. To be invited, interested people will need to group with some of our current members at least a couple times. This will allow us to get a feel for the potential recruits personality, and allow the recruit to get a sense of our general play style. If both are a good fit, then an invitation will be extended.


You are an officer for a reason, we have confidence in your ability to recognize a player who would be a good fit for the guild. Again, by being very selective in who we add to the guild, we reduce and pretty much eliminate the need for handling “problems”. This is especially important in our casual guild since problems should be dealt with very quickly in this game and we are not online 24/7.

We will stand behind any officer inviting a really good friend or family member that he/she would personally vouch for of their own accord.

If someone that no one really knows approaches us about membership in the guild, you have two choices. You can get to know them with another guildie and see if you both think it's a fit, then just give the elders a "heads up" about the invite. Or you can simply refer them to the elders and we will get to know them.

The following is an excerpt from a post in the leadership forum from Dambro:


Someone new that has no one in guild has ever grouped with. I would like to see this person go out with 2 guildies, no more are needed, but no less than 2, and it doesn't have to be at the same time. Go out, do a grind or something, something where you can BS, and talk about what we are and stand for etc. If both people have a good feeling, great, we can add them! If one is unsure, ask another guildie to do the same, and see what they say. If the next guilie has a good feeling, great, we can add them! If not, we explain we aren't sure it is the best fit.

If an Officer knows someone that wants to join, I think they can add them, the person they are adding is on their name so to speak. Like giving a reference for someone for a job. The added person screws up, it looks bad on the officer. This happens a lot to the same officer, then the people they want to add will need to go thru normal procedures.

If an Officer knows someone that wants to join, but isn't willing to put their name out there for them, then one more guildie needs to check them out. There are people that I know I like, and have no issue with, but I am not sure how others will like them. This is the situation that I am talking about. Basically the person looking to join has 1 person saying yes.

We hate rules, we just want to be careful to keep the guild fun and drama-free and our reputation honorable. The easiest way to do that is to be selective with who we let in the guild house. emoticon

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