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posticon Updated: The Order of the Sleepless Knights

The Order of the Sleepless Knights
An EverQuest: Online Adventures guild

Server: Diren Hold
Masters: Djeau, Myrelle, Dambro, Kazmara

The OotSK is open to characters of all classes, all races, and all levels. We are a friends and family style guild with a casual playing style. While we enjoy raiding, it is not our main focus, we play for fun. Three things you will not find in the guild are drama, greed and elitists.

How to join:
Membership to the guild is by invitation, obviously. To be invited, interested people will need to group with some of our current members at least a couple times. This will allow us to get a feel for the potential recruits personality, and allow the recruit to get a sense of our general play style. If both are a good fit, then an invitation will be extended.

How to use forums:
Posting to this Main Chat forum is possible for anyone, including friends from other guilds and interested potential recruits. However, the Guild Chat forum can only be viewed and posts made by members of the OotSK. Send in an application for access if you are an OotSK member but are having problems getting to the forum.

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