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Flea Market Find

Is there a Caster in the house?
Drop at Siloths tonight, level 38 Held item
Book of Logic
45 Int
65 Power

Anyone want? Mort? Lay?
It's fascinating checking closed auctions for this, the same guy has bought 4 of em lately, and sold one for less than he's been paying. But he's paid up to 400K for em.

:::EDIT::: Gone, CG to Morticus

Last edited by Gnellie, 8/11/2005, 12:40 pm

Myrelle, 41 Power Bard of Dawn, OotSK (32/350)
Gnellie, 20 Stone Path Magician, VC (13/100)
Saavedra, 18 Eru Alchie, Master of Leather Goddesses

(permagrouped with Mendoza, 41 Lion Rogue)
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