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The Battles of the Vertically Challenged

Are you new to the VC and interested in learning more about the heroic exploits of our brave band of shorties? Here's a quick list of links to tales of some of our more recent exploits!

Update: January 7th

]VC vs. the Rowan'dal Hol'ciel

]Ankextet Stronghold Raid!!!! (with screenshots!)

]Those who hunt werewolves... (with screenshots!)

]VC vs. Bandits

|offset=12]VC vs. Ankextet

]The Quest for the Lost Alliance complete with |offset=45]images and |offset=43]more images.

]Runnyeye invasion

]Boss Boltug Down!

]The VC face one of their heartiest opponents of all time--Blackburrow's Commander Curgoth

]The VC enact Braveheart in Elephant Graveyard

]Second annual Oggok fun run and Tae ew hunt

]VC vs. Boss Hurg and the Bloodfoots

]The Treachery of Gaultaiel

]First annual Thedruk winter games

]Runnyeye RUMBLE!

]VC Road Rally pt. 2

]Assault on the freezebloods

]The VC assaults Castle Felstar and thwarts Assassin Delgeresh

Anyone who's been here longer than me like to add any to the list, feel free!

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