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posticon Updated Rules for the Vertically Challenged.

First off, let me say this.... WOW!
When I conceived this idea, I truly thoght it would be fun, but I wasn't sure how many would share this vision; and of those that did share it, for how long would their fun last?
Well I am here to say that this guild is going stronger than I ever imagined. There is more support and fun here in this "Alt" guild than in some of our "Main" guilds.
How many guilds would rather a fine game of hide-n-go-seek than grinding? And dammit hide-n-seek is fun!
As we all know some dead wood is about to be pruned from this mighty tree that is the VC, but fear not, for we have many new branches growing as we add to our dimunitve ranks!
So in that vein I wanted to repost what we are and what we stand, albeit knee high to most, for, and our rules/restrictions.

1) You must be Vertically Challenged to join the Vertically Challenged. That means you have to be a Halfling, Gnome, or [sign in to see URL] now an Elf!

2) When you ding Lv25, YOU MUST IMMEDIATELY go to 100% CM. If by some chance you do attain 625 CM (the max for Lv25), you will face a major decision, either leave the VC, or DELETE some CM so you can stay at 100%. These are the only 2 options.

3) Be sure you understand Rules 1 & 2.

4) Death & Debt, are the bread and butter, the sustenance of the VC. If you have a fear of dying, if you avoid Debt like the plague, this guild probably isn't for you.

5) We respect all players and races on Diren Hold, even the Tallies, smelly though they may be. We are never rude to anyone. We do not KS, Train, or harass others in any way shape or form. If you do so you will be removed from the guild.

6) We are all about FUN. If you don't want to have fun, then this guild isn't for you.

7) There is no rush to Level up, power leveling is not "illegal" in the guild, but seeing as we are only going to Lv 25, I would much rather you level the correct way. If you feel you must PL for whatever reason, please only do so if a Guildie has someone that can do it for you. When I hear of VC members asking for PL's from others, it makes me upset.

8) We have guild sponsored events, such as a weekly raid, quests, etc. Participation is NOT required.

9) We ask that if you are joining the VC, that you try and play once a month, just to stay active, again, this is not a requirement, but we just had to clean out deadwood, and we will do so again in a few months.

10) We are always willing to lend a hand to anyone that needs it. Tallies included.

11) We will group with anyone, not just the VC, but trust me, all VC groups are the way to go when you can!

12) Anyone can feel free to setup an event, either post here or on the Diren Hold message board. You can always ask an Elder or Master for help, but everyone is encouraged to participate.

I think that pretty much sums us up. I am sure I am missing something, but who's perfect?

If you are interested in joing us, just give one of us a tell, or ask on the boards and someone will surely invite you.

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Dambro ~ The Order of the Sleepless Knights

Davlannan ~ Vertically Challenged

Groovy ~ Troubador of the Tethelin Walkabouts
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Re: Updated Rules for the Vertically Challenged.

Vertically Challenged
Masters: Davlannan
Elders: Berkin, Danadek, Dearme, Heffe, Kazzy, Profkaboom, Xealtwo

Website: ][sign in to see URL]

Secretary: Dearme
Reporter: VCNews
Gem Bank: VCGembanker (played by Profkaboom)
Tailors: Profkaboom (up to 18), Dadaf (up to 18)
Armorers: Danadek (up to 18)
Jewelers: Profkaboom (up to 18), Dadaf (up to 18)
Weaponers: Apple, Berkina Profkaboom (up to 18), Danadek (up to 18)

To join VC: Leave a message here. Or, contact any VC member in game and ask to speak to a master or elder.

To invite to VC: Current VC members need to guarantee that new members know and understand our philosophy. That means going over our rules BEFORE giving them an invitation (or asking a master/elder to extend an invitation).

"Stopping at 20 means that we play just to have fun and no longer have to worry about our friends out leveling us if we cannot play as often as them." -- Dearme

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