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For the quest writers...

By the way, for anyone writing upcoming quests that includes "NPC's:"

Gnellie's sister Gnessie is an officer with the VC Witness Protection Program guild. Often it's nice to have your NPC's in this guild during the quest so it's a handy flag to questors that they've found the right Level 1 Erudite Necromancer out in the middle Muniel's Tea Garden. (there are so many) Or a handy blocker for blind invites if your NPC is in FP.

Alternatively, if there's another alt you have but don't play often enough that you feel you may be "taking up space" in the VC guild proper, the WPP is a viable alternative as well.

In either case, feel free to drop Gnellie or Myrelle a game mail, or post here, and we'll plan a time to hook up and get that specific invite. Best hours to reach me in game are 9-11PM pacific time, but I can log on for a short (pun not intended) invite about any time, as I'm not working outside the home.

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Gnellie, 20 Stone Path Magician, VC (13/100)
Myrelle, 27 Hum Bard, OotSK (0/120)
Saavedra, 15 Eru Alchie, OotSK

(permagrouped with Mendoza, 27 Rogue)
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