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An Official (sorta) and Open (for real) Invitation

I'm sure Grumble, Kaz, and I will have more on the official side of things soon, but for now I'll extend a very open invitation to all the knights (old and new) to join us on Aggramar server - Horde side for some Cataclysmic adventures.

At this point we have 4 who have come back (old and new), and look forward to any more who would be up for joining us.

Note: If you are thinking of joining us, please contact Grumble or Kaz about the latest Scroll of Resurrection which will

1. Give you a free 80 and realm/faction transfer
2. Upgrade your account to Cataclysm (latest expansion) for free, regardless of which expansion you have installed.
3. 7 days free play time.
4. Give your buddy who sends the scroll a free mount when you pay for a month.

I know a few or more of you have played before, and may have no intentions whatsoever in coming back, and that's perfectly understandable. I just wanted you guys to know you had a place to go if you did, and a welcoming committee there to greet you.

Ride on, Sleepless ones.
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Re: An Official (sorta) and Open (for real) Invitation

What times are you guys usually on ?

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Valtome, Silvous, Bonjour, cspotrun, rolex and many many more!!!
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