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There is no Dark Side

There is no Dark Side. It is a myth, a fable created by the Jedi Council as an excuse to control any Jedi that begins to show mastery of true POWER.

We Sith understand there is no Light Side or Dark Side to the Force. The Force is pure power. What you do with it is up to you.

The Jedi claim to be oh so noble and yet look at their history. The first Jedi destroyed their own home world on Tython fighting over who was 'right' and who was 'wrong' in how to use the force.

Then they joined the Republic and became its self proclaimed 'protectors'. Ha, look at all of the major conflicts and you will see the Jedi are responsible.

The rise of the Sith was the direct result of their second Civil war when those who persued true power were driven out by the Council and made their way to Korriban where we Sith extracted their knowledge and made it our own.

The Great Hyperspace War was blamed on the Sith and yet it was the ranting of the Jedi in the Galactic Senate about how evil the Sith are because we embrace the Dark Side that set the stage for war. Just another attempt by the Jedi Council to prevent anyone from mastering the true power of the force. It is they who started the conflict long before we took direct action against them and their pathetic Republic.

After victory in the Great Hyperspace War, which they only won due to their own Jedi drawing on the full power of the Force, they then have yet another civil war. This war they blame on "The Great Sith Lord Exar Kun" and yet Exar Kun was not a Sith, he was a Jedi that embraced true power and thus had to be stopped by the Jedi Council. By once again envoking the Sith and the Dark Side they attempted to hide their responsibility for creating the conflict.

They then allow what should have been a minor uprising by the Mandalorians to turn into a full scale war because, as Protectors of the Republic, they could not be bothered to assist in quickly eliminating the threat. Their inaction resulted in great destruction which was only stopped due to many Jedi joining the battle against the will of the council.

The Jedi that were responsible for ending the Mandalorian War, who found and embraced true power to do so, were quickly vilified by the Council, again by calling them Sith and crying they had fallen to the Dark Side. And so the Jedi Council started yet another civil war. Revan and Malak battled the council for control of Jedi and lost.

I find it amusing that the Jedi council must always accuse any Jedi they deem a threat of falling to the Dark Side and label them a Sith and that those so labeled embrace that title to glorify themselves.

The true Sith are obviously both feared and revered by the Jedi as we are the only true masters of the Force.
It is the Jedi Council that stands in the way of Order in the galaxy and they, along with their puppet Republic, shall fall to the might of the Sith and WE shall establish a new order and demonstrate to the universe the true potential of the worlds we conquer.

Ijlicha Viraknu, Dark Lord of the Sith.


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