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XT-002 Deconstructor

XT-002 Deconstructor Abilities
Health: 25,000,000 HP

Tympanic Tantrum
Deals 10% damage every 1 sec for 12 sec. Nearby enemies are also dazed for the duration. 2 sec cast / Channeled

Light Bomb
Charges the target with divine energy, causing them to sear nearby allies within 5 yards for 9 sec.

Gravity Bomb
Charges the target with dark energy, causing them to explode and pull in nearby allies after 9 sec. (Gravity Bomb)

Gravity Bomb
Pulls enemies within 10 yards into a gravity well, dealing 19000 to 21000 damage. Instant

Phase 1: Main phase

Minimize the number of people hit by Light Bomb (5 yard radius) while not dying to Tympanic Tantrum.

And never hit anyone with Gravity Bomb (10 yard radius).

Gravity bomb leaves a void zone wherever it explodes, thus they must be "dropped" away from the raid. When you get a bomb, you move out. Ranged move back if they can so they don't crowd the melee.

Your healers will need to be able to top off everyone during Tympanic Tantrum however, without the benefit of AE spells. Since this does 120% of the raid's health and people may be low from other damage, heals need to be fast and consistent.

Light Bomb and Gravity Bomb during Tympanic Tantrum is very dangerous since Tympanic Tantrum snares you.

Holy priests with the +60% run speed talent on Power Word: Shield, Body and Soul, are excellent for this fight: don't bother shielding people with Gravity Bomb, since they have a full nine seconds to move. The danger lies with Light Bomb, where a speed boost is most welcome.

Phase 2: Exposed Heart

XT-002 Deconstructor enters a new phase every 25%, his heart becomes exposed and he will also spawn adds with 2M Health Points.

When the heart is exposed, start DPS'ing it -- don't kill it, however, since that activates the hard mode. All damage done to the heart is increased by 100%, however, and when he ends Phase 2 his health drops by as much damage as you did to his heart.

XM-024 Pummeller
The Pummelers need to be tanked immediately. XM-024 Pummellers are melee fighter adds and use Arcing Smash, Uppercut, and Trample.

XS-013 Scrapbot
The Scrap Bots must be AE'd before they get close enough to XT-002 to heal him.

XE-321 Boombot
XE-321 Boombots will explode and deal damage to anyone within 20 yards, including NPCs.

If you're having problems reaching the enrage timer, don't DPS the Pummelers: bring them to exploding bomb bots, and then just keep them near the boss so they pick up incidental AE (although be careful of their frontal AE, don't wipe out the melee.)

Heal Tips


Priests with the +60% run speed talent on Power Word: Shield, Body and Soul, are excellent for this fight: shield people with Light Bomb if you're using a clump strategy.


Paladins rotating Divine Sacrifice can also make a huge difference in making Tympanic Tantrum more survivable.


Gravity Bomb lasts 9s, the exact length of lifebloom unglyphed. Add the debuff Gravity Bomb to your grid or raid frames and if you react quickly you can solo heal almost the entire bomb with one GCD of lifebloom.

Also, Tranquility is superb for dealing with Tympanic Tantrum. If you run with multiple resto druids be sure they are in separate groups for this encounter.

Finally, the 1m cooldown of Barkskin lines up precisely with the cooldown of Typanic Tantrum. It is a significant survival gain if druids of all specs use this ability every tantrum.


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