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Phase 1: Air phase

The fight begins with Razorscale in the air, and the players taking over the defense of the area by killing the iron dwarves and allowing the friendly Expedition NPCs time to work on the harpoon guns. Iron Dwarves arrive in Mole Machines that appear at semi-random locations along the middle-back of the room.

In this phase your raid must stay spread out because the chain lightning cast by the Dark Rune Watchers increases in damage with each jump.

The blue fire on the ground that appears as a result of Devouring Flames also needs to be avoided. It doesn't tick immediately, but does have a large radius.

Kill priority for Dark Rune is:

* Sentinels
* Watchers
* Guardians

The Watchers can be CC'd (stuns, sheep, fear.)

When the global message appears that a harpoon turret has been activated, one raid member needs to click the turret. It's an instant click for a nearby player. Using a harpoon turret causes a chain to appear and Razorscale to get a bit closer to the ground.

Once four turrets are clicked, generating four chains, Razorscale lands, stunned, and the ground phase begins.

Phase 2: Ground phase

Razorscale doesn't need to be tanked during the ground phase before 50%. All dps should switch to attacking him immediately.

Offtank any remaining adds.

During this phase she has a frontal cone attack that he uses at the conclusion of her stunned period, Flame Breath, so everyone needs to be behind him.

She also will Wing Buffet once, although it should be avoidable for some (35' max range.)

Phase 3: Grounded permanently

At 50% Razorscale is "permanently grounded" and needs a tank.

No more adds will spawn.

She adds a new ground ability which acts as a soft enrage: Flame Buffet, which increases fire damage taken and will eventually result in your tank being one-shot by her Flame Breath.

She will also stack Fuse Armor on your tanks, snaring them (which makes it harder for them to move out of fire) and reducing their AC by 20% per stack.

Set up a tank rotation and swap tanks after two stacks.

Melee Tips

Be careful of the Dark Rune Sentinals: their whirlwind can hurt.

Ranged Tips

Help kill the Sentinals quickly when they spawn: their whirlwind is dangerous.


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