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Flame Leviathan 10man normal

Flame Leviathan

Flame Leviathan Abilities

Health: 30,000,000 HP
Flame Vents
Inflicts 3000 Fire damage each second to enemies around the caster. Lasts 10 seconds. 50 yd range

Battering Ram
Rams the target, dealing damage and knocking it forward. Deals 100% Weapon damage and causes the target to take 50% more damage for 20 seconds.

Gathering Speed
Increases movement speed. This buffs increases the speed of the Flame Leviathan by 5% for 10 minutes and stacks up to 20 times. Causing a Circuit Overload will reset the stack count to 0.

Turrets The Flame Leviathan has 4 turrets. Passengers in the demolisher can be launched at him where they can destroy the turrets and then hit the Overload Circuit: stuns Flame Leviathan and causes him to take 50% more damage for 10 seconds.

Rockets The Flame Leviathan fires rockets constantly at the raid, dealing about 700 damage each time they land. (Once every 1-2 seconds)


This is a vehicle fight and players can choose between multiple vehicles at the beginning of the encounter. The health points of your vehicle depends on the average ilvl of your gear, each vehicle has its own set of unique abilities.

Salvaged Siege Engine
This vehicle demolishes towers as you clear the gauntlet and kites the Flame Leviathan. It can carry a passenger.

Driver Abilities

Rams any enemies in front of the demolisher, dealing 22501 to 27501 Damage and knocking them back. Also deals 2850 to 3150 siege damage to buildings. 40 Energy.

Shocks all targets within a 25 yard cone in front of the caster. It also interrupts spellcasting and prevents any spell in that school from being cast for 4 sec. 20 Energ18% of base mana, Instant cast, 10 sec cooldown

Steam Rush
Put the steam engine into overdrive for a short duration, rushing forward, dealing siege damage and knocking back enemies. 40 Energy, 70 yd range, Instant, 15 sec cooldown

Passenger Abilities

Anti-Air Rocket
Fires an explosive missile directly forward, detonating when it has travelled 100 yards, hitting any enemies within 10 yards. [sign in to see URL] sec cooldown

Fire Cannon
Fires a cannon blast. 20 Energy, 10-70 yd range, Instant

Shield Generator
Activates the shield generator on the Siege Engine, absorbing a limited amount of Physical, Fire, Frost and Arcane damage taken for 5 sec. 1 min cooldown

Salvaged Demolisher
This vehicle moves slowly but has ranged attacks and can even catapult its passengers. It can carry a passenger, who can grapple the pyrites from the ground and loads them one by one as abilities that deplete them are used.

Driver Abilities

Hurl Boulder
Hurls a massive boulder into the distance, dealing 27000 to 33000 damage to enemies within 8 yards of the explosion. 10-70 yd range

Hurl Pyrite Barrel
Hurls an orb of blue pyrite into the distance, dealing damage, but consumes ammo. 10-70 yd range

Rams any enemies in front of the demolisher, dealing 19000 to 21000 Damage and knocking them back. Also deals 2160 to 2640 siege damage to buildings. 4 sec cooldown

Launch Passenger
  Launches the Demolisher's passenger into the air

Passenger Abilities

Fires a miniature explosive blast, dealing Fire damage to all enemies in the target area. 1 sec cooldown

Anti-Air Rocket
Fires an explosive missile directly forward, detonating when it has travelled 90 yards, hitting any enemies within 10 yards.

Grab Crate
Use your hook and chain to grab the targetted crate.

Increased Speed
Injects liquid pyrite into the engines, increasing movement speed by 100%. Lasts 20 sec.

Load into Catapult
Load yourself into the catapult arm, using yourself as ammunition. 30 sec cooldown

Salvaged Chopper
This motorcycle model is very fast and moves very adroitly (it can strafe, for example.) It can carry a passenger.

Driver Abilities

Speed Boost
Fires the fuel injectors on the bike, increasing its speed by 100% for 5 sec.

Sonic Horn
Sends a wave of force in front of the motorcycle, causing 6300 to 7700 damage to all enemy targets within 35 yards in a frontal cone.

Drops a pool of tar for 45 sec that slows the movement speed of enemies within 10 yards. Tar can be ignited. Lasts for 45 sec. 15 sec cooldown

First Aid Kit
  Heals your passenger fully over 4 sec. 1 min cooldown

Passenger Abilities

Loot Table

    * Normal Mode (10 Players)

ilvl Type Spec Slot Item
219 2H Maces [sign in to see URL] Two-Hand Ironsoul
219 1H Swords Spell Hit Main Hand Firesoul
219 Fist Weap. [sign in to see URL] Off Hand Kinetic Ripper
219 Plate [sign in to see URL] Wrist Flamewatch Armguards
219 Mail Spell Chest Firestrider Chestguard
219 Cloth Spell Hit Wrist Combustion Bracers
219 Cloth Spell Head Lifespark Visage
219 Neck [sign in to see URL] Neck Might of the Leviathan
219 Trinket [sign in to see URL] Trinket Pyrite Infuser
219 Trinket Spell MP5 Trinket Energy Siphon

Hard Mode
The Hard Mode of this encounter is when you destroy the towers in the Area prior to the fight. Each tower destroyed will give the Flame Leviathan an unique ability based on which tower you destroyed.

Yellow Tower - Thorim's Hammer
Deals Stormstrike damage to all enemies nearby. Additional damage is taken if directly under the impact location.

Red Tower - Mimiron's Inferno
Deals 150000 Fire damage to all nearby enemies and leaves a flaming blaze behind.

Blue Tower - Hodir's Fury
Deals 150000 Frost damage to all nearby enemies, entombing them in ice.

Green Tower - Freya's Ward
Deals 13500 to 16500 Natures damage to all nearby enemies and summons guardians of nature to surround the enemy.

Loot Table

    * Hard Mode (10 Players)

ilvl Type Spec Slot Item
226 Wands Spell Hit Ranged Petrified Ivy Sprig
226 Thrown [sign in to see URL] Thrown Twirling Blades
226 Plate Tank Legs Gilded Steel Legplates
226 Mail [sign in to see URL] Shoulder Mantle of Fiery Vengeance
226 Leather Spell Hands Handguards of Potent Cures
226 Finger Spell Hit Finger Shimmering Seal


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