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Raid "Etiquette"

Hello All,

As we look forward to exploring more raids and end game content, I felt it would be helpful to make sure we're all on the same page when it comes to making sure the raiding experience is as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

Since the Loot topic has already been thoroughly covered in the Sticky "Updated Guild Rules," that point won't be belabored here. I do ask, however, that if you have not yet read the rules and guidelines, that you please take the time to do so.

1. Arrive at the meeting spot on time.
Please show your guildies and the Raid Leader respect by arriving promptly at the time that the event is scheduled. For instance, if a raid is set to begin at 6, it's important to be there at 6 and ready to go.
We are a non-mandatory attendance guild and perfectly understand if you'd rather do other things or Real Life comes up (which always takes precedence) but if you have signed up for an event and plan on attending, please make certain you are there on time and not keeping the raid held up.
2. Know ahead of time where the meetup spot is.
If the meeting place is not put in the Calendar announcement, please find out from the person posting the event where you are to meet so you can be there on time.
3. Come prepared.
With room to loot, bring any elixirs, pots, scrolls, stat food, change of gear, etc you may need.
4. Only guilded toons may attended a Knights event.
It's important that we keep our guildies well geared and supplied. If your toon is in another guild, please bring a character that is a Knight unless otherwise asked or specified (i.e. an additional tank, healer, etc is needed and you're asked by the raid leader to bring that class), or unless we are doing a joint or open raid.

The Raid or Event Leader has taken alot of time to make certain everyone will have fun. Let's do our part by making sure that we are at that event on time, prepared and ready to enjoy the experience.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to post them here

Thanks all.


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