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posticon Updated Rules & Guidelines of the SleeplessKnights

1. Loot Rules
Roll "Need" for main spec (items that will improve your character per the "main" build), "Greed" on Secondary spec. If drop is not rolled on, it is open to everyone to loot, with priority given to those asking for the item to pass along to an alt.

In keeping with our "Need Before Greed", and "Use Before Sell" policy, any items not rolled on or otherwise claimed for an alt, should not be auctioned. Those items should either be deposited in the Guild Bank or disenchanted.

2. Guild Invites
The only “automatic” guild invites should be for alts of existing members.

New members that are friends or family members of an existing guildy can be admitted, but the guild guidelines & rules should be gone over with the new member.

Anyone expressing an interest in joining the Guild that is not a friend or family member of an existing guildy, should be referred to Diana, Shelley, Ken or Ed so we can "interview" them and see if they would be a good mutual fit for the Knights.

Also, any time a character is added to the guild, please add a note in the comments section so we all know whose toon it is. emoticon

3. Non-Mandatory Attendance
Although we encourage folks to join in the fun for dungeon runs, guild events and the like, we uphold a non-mandatory attendance policy. Real Life always comes first. I do ask, however, that if an RSVP has been requested or there is a calendar invitation that has been sent, it is only courteous to respond, even if you are declining the invitation.

[sign in to see URL] Conduct
Since we are mostly adults, sometimes guild chat has been known to get a bit “randy.” Most of us refrain from overtly cursing in Guild Chat due to the fact that we do have some minors and others who are offended by harsh language. Being a friendly and courteous member of the WoW community is a hallmark of the Knights here as it was for the EQOA community. As such, harrassing other players, “claim jumping” ore and herbs, or otherwise engaging in conduct that is against Blizzard's [sign in to see URL]. Is contrary to Knight principles and can lead to disciplinary action.

[sign in to see URL] Free
If you have issues with other ranked or guildies, please do the respectful and courteous thing and discuss this with them in private chat. If you don't feel the issue has been resolved, don't stuff your feelings, talk with a ranked for feedback and possible resolution. In all situations, drama should not be brought into either guild chat or group/raid chat.

[sign in to see URL] Fun
Our mission statement is to “Keep it Fun.” What makes the game enjoyable is different for everyone. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to enjoy the game or play a character.
We are not presently, nor do we ever intend to become, a “Raid Guild.” While we enjoy raids and dungeons, it is a past-time we enjoy and not our main focus. If any guildy wants to experience more instances and/or raids, they shold plan and/or lead them. We encourage folks to play at their “fun level,” so if raiding is their ultimate idea of enjoyment in the game, they're encouraged to suggest, plan, and execute some runs. If that isn't enough, then we offer our understanding should that guildy decide to leave for a raid guild.


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