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Changes 11-21-07

Deacativation of all Halloween content
Fishing Tournament quest and NPCs are being removed
Added "Harvest" Items for CS handout
Activated Shadowknight Exemplar quest
Modified Zaoran Plateau content
Modified Zaoran Plateau entry quest
Added Broken blade whispers
Added Harbingers of Khalimet Quest (55-60)

Quest Name: Harbingers of Khalimet

Note: This quest is repeatable!

1. Log quest with Anibael, who is on the lower floor on the interior edge of the courtyard in Muniel's Tea Garden (SE). She tells of the demon General Khalimet, and how his arrival is preceeded by the four harbingers. One of the four has been sited. To gain more information you much speak to Gaulin, who is currently located at the Shon-to Monastery east of Moradhim.

2. Head to Shon-To (E), and find Gaulin on the docks of the pond. He describes how his camp was attacked by a demon. You must find his abandoned camp and investigate for more details.

3. Gaulin's abandoned camp is in Box Canyon (C). Head towards the random spawn Skayhir and before you get there, you'll see an abandonned camp on the left side of the canyon. Approach the camp and you'll get a popup and Armis, a caster with a fire pet, will spawn. Kill him and loot (you MUST be in KS group for your quest to advance) the Wand of Shattered Souls AND the Tome of Khalimet. Return with them to Anibael in MTG. Anibael will keep the wand and have you keep the Tome.

4. Anibael tells you to see Salin in the Highbourne Library. Be careful, at any time you'll be attacked by Assasins of Khal (yellow con SK's with harm touch-they are tough). Speak with Salin and show him the tome, then he'll send you to Murnf. ([sign in to see URL]'m suspecting the dev's hate evils).

5. Find Torgias Bullow in a little house west on the road from Murnf. He'll take your tome and send you to Freeport to buy him some fruit to eat.

6. Take 10k with you to buy the fruit. You need to find Farmer Phenray, who is by Grocer Gloresa in FP. He may not be up all the time.

7. Return to Togias with the fruit and he will give you four encrypted scrolls; one for each Harbinger.

8. Harbinger's can be found in:
*Permafrost (E), Lord Farex. Drops four items
*Mount Hatespike west and centre
*Desert Hate (S) on a hill near a large stone arch
*Broken Skull Rock (NW) T stone

9. Turn in one drop from each harbinger and you'll get a ntl 5 charge xp gem called "lucky stone". When used, it casts The Luck buff on you.

10. But is the quest really over or is there more to come?

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