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Witch Hunt

Witch quest starts with an npc in bastable, near the inn there. Has a long last name that I can't remember. That one sends you to Celina who is southeastish of the town along the river.

She won't move till somebody finds out what happened to her sisters and gives you a choice of working on Aja or working on Shae-something.

For Aja you need to go to fp.
1. I think you need to find somebody name Dlin or Drin but I skipped that part and went nw out the north gate of fp past Skerg to a lvl 60 npc named something like Rjnir. He might have a lt blue version of himself
with a necro pet. Anyway, you can hide behind the tree next to him and talk with him. Doing so makes the lvl 60 version disappear and you'll have to fight the lt blue version. Kill him and the lvl 60 version will respawn, talk with him again and he'll say "may an asp eat your heart".
2. This leads you to a tower in northwestern ro(south) with Aja at the top however it's crawling with gothic guys(lt blue necros/melees). Kill all the gothic guys but don't loot cause they're empty and talk with Aja.
3. She sends you to the nw to the asp pits to kill a gothic chanter. Kill him and loot a seal, he drops 4, and go back to Aja. Talk with her and you have a choice to free her. I didn't try the other option but once freed she ports out and then you can go back and talk with Celina.
4. Celina rewarded me with a 2 charge gem of undeath and 300k xp. No idea what it does yet since I didn't try it out.

For the other sister, Shae-something, Celina mentions that she went to go study under the master geomancer. Two and I didn't think they'd have lvl 40s go run around in geo's pass and geo's citadel so we looked around in Saryk's tower and elemental towers but didn't find anything. We'll probably run out to the geo's zones tonight. Maybe someone else can take it from here.

2nd sister is in geo se past grundle after u save her and run back to tell celinia she gives u some xp and a 2 charge dusty pebble. talk to her again and she ports u to bastable se or s on a hill with pillars where all 3 spawn on u (red to 60 and casters) u need to be in ks grp to advance and need loot off all 3 to turn in to the goober qst giver for a 3 charge whistle that summons a bat pet. idk if it buffs or not didnt use yet since its only 3 charge (not worth max debt imo)

taken from EQoA forums

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Re: Witch Hunt

Nice work, thanks for posting emoticon

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