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Storyteller Updates and Hot fixes,

-PoS Constructs now have SoW

-Storyteller weapon rewards now proc correctly

-Progress Checker activated next to Madrias in Highbourne-If you are having flagging issues with this HB quest, speak to the mob and report back the flags it tells you that you have. We are having trouble narrowing down this issue, and this would help to see if you are missing something that you should have or not.

-Added an NPC for us to be able to pull players (GNF) to be reflagged for the ToL quest right before the Guardian fight. If the reflag is not working on Kizdean Gix, a GM can pull you to the reflag NPC to fix this.

-Storyteller Tokens deactivated

This fix was for August 1st...

" Winter is Coming ".....
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