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Dawn Maiden (Arc) Qst Story Teller

1. The quest is logged from a Leut Admin by a rock in the valley leading to the Dawn Maiden lake (E of Arcadin port from fp: follow the mountain east then veer north when you can and go into the valley and con for the Lt.)

2. He talks about nightmares and sends you off to find the Dawn Maiden with an empty flask

3. You start towards the lake and you get popups and attacks by nightmares that see invis and go for the lower level toons

4. Occassionally you might get ported around (is a way to prevent cohers from just popping a toon to the quest area, but sometimes it hits you) either back to the Lt or do another close by area: I tend to get ported to 3 to 4 different spots (might have been fixed: I reported it)

5. Eventually get to the lake: can invis here to the Dawn Maiden at her little pool

6. Kill Dawn Maiden: it spawns a Servant with a pet that you kill (might drop lvl 30 100 power/hp ntl stuff). Kill Servant, go step into the little pond (can do invised), get popup saying you filled the flask

7. Invis and run back: no popups running back but if you didnt kill all your old nightmares they can aggro/see invis and attack

8. Get 5 mil exp (before luck) and 25 faction with Storyteller: repeatable quest

Note: I did the quest then went to Storyteller each time. I did not check and see if you could do the quest 2 or more times and get storyteller factions more than once without turning it in each time...

Note: you can get rooted as one of the nightmares.

Note: you can get more than one nightmare to spawn at once on your toons (and sometimes multiple toons get the popup at once): used to get up to four but I think they toned it back a bit

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Re: Dawn Maiden (Arc) Qst Story Teller


Skycaster wrote:

might drop lvl 30 100 power/hp ntl stuff.

Any notice that they nerfed the stuff that used to be tradeable? Was really glad to see that change--made absolutely no sense whatsoever to make LV30 gear with those kind of stats (14 to stat points and 100 hp or pow) that easy to get. Interesting un-nerfed versions stayed in game but are NTL.

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