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Neriak Qst (Storyteller)

NP at all glad you found! Here is the complete Quest with minor updates.

1- pick up A Neriak Book (to bind an Elemental) from the bookshelf in the first house a few seconds east of Neriak banker. It says to find a scholar to translate.

2- speak to Scholar Narielle in the enchanter guild area in Freeport. She'll take the book and translate it's about binding an air elemental to an item. She tells you to go find a "simple weapon"

3-go to Highpass and speak to Smithy Grol behind the blacksmith. He sells a simple scimitar, mace and rod.

4-return to Scholar Narielle in FP and turn in your simple weapon. She then says you need 2 differing mechanamagical parts, a fan blade and 5 arcantric relays.

5-In the Rogue Clockworks (C) NE'ish of clockwork town, there are small unconnable Tiny Spiderbots that randomly spawn. you need to step on them and "catch" them when prompted by pop-up. It'll give you a 1 charge item. Use it and you will take 50 damage and receive an arcanic regulator. Get 5 of these then proceed East. On top of a big hill near the shore there are a couple Shiny Clockworks (lb to 60). These drop Shiny fan blade.
*in Rogue Clockworks (NE), you have to kill mobs to get them to spawn.

6-Turn in items to Scholar Narielle in FP again. She'll send you to collect 3 items owned by an air elemental. Something it prizes. Wyndhaven (C) You will need three Wind Chimes.

7-Return to the Scholar then head to HP for your reward. The NPC is near the Big Clockwork guy.

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Re: Neriak Qst (Storyteller)

Nitemare and I did this one and noticed a couple differences that I wanted you to know about.
First of all, If you are good, u need to get the book in Quenos, Mage temple on the shelf.
After talking to Narielle, she sent me to talk to Sholar Danfer (or something like that) who is in HB in the library 3rd floor.
Everything is good untill you need chimes.
They were a bit tricky to find. Go to the Pit behind the Wynd coach (where the enraged wolves are). travel in the bottom of it till you reach the SE end (nearest the mountain). You will get a pop up. then kinda run back and forth in that area for the spawn to trigger. BE CAREFUL here, as about 7 of them will jump you at once. (I know from experience). It takes a while as only about 1 in 5 will drop the chime, but they retrigger every time you go down in the pit.
I got a pretty useless weapon, Ultimate Windmace think it was 10 wis 10 cha, UGLY to boot! Hoping that it does something in battle, but I havent seen anything yet emoticon


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