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Highpass Qst ( Storyteller)

Rough Walkthrough of HP quest off top of my head (quest is real easy and probably take less than 30min. to do):

1. Quest starts from Investigator Ishal near Pickclaw exit of HP.
2. Find Investigator Flint, just go out coach exit in HP and follow road to Trail's End, he'll be near a guard tower.
3. Go back to HP and speak with Enchanter Kerina near old bank.
4. Go to Strag's Rest (E) on top of a HUUUUUGE mountain) and kill Mature Griffon, red to a 60, but 2 can easily kill.
5. Head back to Enchanter Kerina in HP.
6. Head back to Investigator Flint in Trail's End to find that Investigator Ishlan spawned instead.
7. Follow the road there a bit south and you will get 2 popups. One about footsteps and one about a dark elf.
8. Slay the fire elementalkin looking thing and you will get a popup about finishing quest. Careful, 2 doppelgangers and 2 storm of blades also spawned, but had no loot.
9. Quest log will disappear, but you can head back to HP to speak with Ishlan once more, no rewards other than sash loot from fire elementalkin NPC.
10. Head to the The Storyteller in Baga Village (NE) (South of Moradhim), and he gives you +25 faction with him.

Note: There's also an NPC called Investigator Reset next to Inveestigator Ishalan in HP. Not sure what's it's for, maybe if you mess the quest up somehow, or perhaps it's repeatable, I'm not sure. Also not sure of level start on quest, it's probably 50+

I did the HP quest, it was really sweet and easy. At the end, you fight this fire elementalkin NPC (was weird, the fire elementalkin thing spawned, 2 doppelgangers, and 2 storms of blades, but to complete quest you kill the fire elementalkin NPC I believe). Anyway it's possible to solo depending on class, my NEC had him beat, but then these doppelganger things spawned and finished me.

What's really cool is, it turns itself into a form and turns your group into a form. We killed 3x and forms included were: a tiny goblin, a big green blob, butterfly, and puppet thing.

It dropped a sash for me called:

Arcane Sash (50 LORE - all/all)
   puppet form (procs: as long as being attacked)
   200AR (as long as in puppet form)

When equipped and you attack something, it turns me into one of those black-and-white puppet forms with the strings for about 3min. (if letting the proc duration wear off) and gives 200AR. Really cool!!

Other sashes looted were:

Sash of Fire (turns you into a fire elementalkin and buffs 200FR)
Sash of Lightning (turns you into a miniature tornado and buffs 200LR)
Sash of Disease (turns you into a brown rat and buffs 200DR)
Sash of Poison (turns you into skeleton and buffs 200PR).
I haven't seen the CR sash yet, can anyone make a note on it??

Seems to last indefinitely as long as you are being attacked, because the proc will constantly go off and refresh the 3min. duration. Proc may bemelee only, not sure what would happen if you were purely casted on and nothing else. So as long as you are being attacked, you get 200 to a resist, that's really sweeet!!

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