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Paineel Qst (Storyteller)

Quest giver: Kerran Escapee located in Paineel S standing between a circle of trees.

1. go talk to Setham in fp on the dock with the waysenders that sends you to arcadin.

[sign in to see URL] balidos in paineel. run north from oakbrow to paineel S again to find balidos standing up against a tree. talk to him and tell him that setham sent you, hell become attackable. hes lb so kill him. after you kill him talk again and hell give you the items you need and advance qst log.

[sign in to see URL] the items back to setham in fp. and he sends you to find Naris in paineel SE by som port, youll get a pop up (must get in order to talk to naris). he has 3 red faced gaurds named paineel recovery agent aruond him. theyre pretty easy clr tanked em all at same time. loot an order off of one of the mobs and speak to naris again.

4. naris sends you to bandit hills NW to find Arjinn Jais, he resides on top of a hill just west from the bandit camp by the lake where cogwhisker is. take the item back to naris

[sign in to see URL] back to naris who tells you to go to mikti and maous in Paineel W. run down to free them, maous runs and mikti uses the orb to make the 10+ adds that run up on you disappear

6. head back to naris who tricks you and General Dorganun spawns. hes yellow and pretty easy. after you kill him head to setham in freeport who allows you to pick one of nine rewards.

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