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Temple of Light Qst (Storyteller)

- Head to Tak'Hiz (C) and kill Nayr Nonnahs, Nolram Barro and Rian Buesh. Afterwards you shall recieve a pop up saying "You have recieved a quest."

2- Talk to William Nothard in Freeport, he tells you to head to Tak'Hiz and find a book that gives clues on how to decypher the code on the Old Scroll looted from Nolrams body.

3-Head to Tak'hiz and go down into Lord Chardith's spawn point. Behind the archmagus there are 2 seprate pop ups to read a book. One which tells the story of a dark elf while the other explains how to decypher the code. After going through the book about the code, a mob named "The Dead Acetic" spawns. Kill him. (He dropped Chaos banded gloves for me,nothing else.)

4- When the code is decyhpered on the old scroll it reads "The Secret lies within the tombs of the Rowen'dal. An incredible power waits to be unleashed."

5- Head to Tomb of Kings. Upon entering you will recieve a pop up saying you have recieved a quest. In your quest log it now says to open the chest within the tomb.

6- Make your way to the room with the kings, inside is a connable treasure chest. Open it and "Excavation Leader" will spawn. After talking to him he eventually tell you to head to Neriak because this is where the item in the chest had been shipped.

7- At the very top of the ramp leading into Neriak, "Stranger" spawns. Talk to him and he tells you to come with him. He then ports you to Neriak (E) where him and 2 battlemages are. (Note:This is the guy that the other book in Tak'Hiz was about) Speak to Kin and he will tell you to head to Permafrost and find Old Man.

8- Head to Permafrost (NW) to find "Old Man." Upon approaching him you recieve a pop up saying "Stay away" and 5 bodyguards (db to 60) spawn. Defeat them and talk to Old man. He will give you "Ripped page 1,2, or 3" of the Dercas Emot (Sacred tome bacwards) and tells you the key to decyphering it is in Freeport....

9-Head to Freeport, Speak to Nebur Hael.

10- Decypher your page.

Page 1:"A Watery grave was its plight, among the frogs that walk upright." Guk (SW) in a pond is the chest (I havent opened this chest but chances are a named spawns on you)

Page 2: "Land of the reptiles that walk like [sign in to see URL] not be [sign in to see URL] made to keep it off the mainlands" Dinbak (S) you will find Dercas Warden and the chest you need to open.

Page 3: "Are intelligent yet arrogant. They probably have no idea it was placed within their own compound." Head to the necromancer guild in Highbourne, here you will find the chest. (Upon opening the chest a yellow conned mob spawns, attacking you)

11- Return to Kizdean Gix in Neriak (e) with the piece of Decras Emot. Speak to him, He will then spawn "The Dead Guardian"(Would suggest having 2 prople with you, mob has massive hp) Kill it and progress on.

12- Head to The Temple of Light and speak to Sir Rodger Rodgers, he attacks you after the dialogue. (Hits weak, doable with 2, also has massive hp)

13- Return to Kizdean Gix in Neriak (E) you recieve 63,000,000 xp and 100,000 Tunar, and he ports you to Freeport docks.

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