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The StoryTeller qsts

Ok first off the quests are located in many new [sign in to see URL] StoryTeller is located in Baga [sign in to see URL] need to see him after each quest.

You recieve faction points after completing the cities [sign in to see URL] only give reward and xp,But they are a [sign in to see URL] will see various levels of merchants in BagaVillage also.

Now this is a work in progress so please add any pertanint(?)lol [sign in to see URL] far we have 3 tooned the [sign in to see URL] mobs have Huge hp [sign in to see URL] are [sign in to see URL] the moment the Highbourne qst is broken at part two.

We are saving our faction points for the big ticket items at the Luxury Merchant.I will post Reward list aftr [sign in to see URL] List is also in the discovery catagory.

You can also do the qsts on alts and pass the faction to your main thru the merchant as most are [sign in to see URL] also visit SoE Forums for latest qst info.

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