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ZP entrance Quest

Do these quests in this order; 1) Spite | 2) Tranquility | 3) Growth | 4) War | 5) Honor.

To enter ZP;

1. You need to do all the agent quests first.
There are five agents: Honor (halas), Tranquility (Shon To zone), Spite (south along river in bbw), War and Growth (island in lake rathe).

2. Then, you must collect runes from each agent and turn them in to the portal guardian, with 5000 tunar.

***Note*** If you try to COTH to go there, that is, without having done the quests, then you will get ported off the ZP!

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Re: ZP entrance Quest

To gain access to Zaoran Plateau you must complete the five Agent's quest. This will give you 1 Ruin for each quest you [sign in to see URL] you get a gem that adds xp boost for 1 hour.
With the five Ruins and 5,000 tunar you can talk to portal NPC and be ported to Zaoran Plateau.
Out of the five quest the Agent of War will be the most diffacult to complete ( for some )
I have found you can log all five quest in your 25 season. What I did was log and complete all but Agent of War and Honor at the lower level and when reached the 56 season completed the Agent of War and Honor. (Barb. Shaman) The mobs were lt. blue and the casters pets were green. If you work on the mobs and try not to spend a lot of time on their pets you should be ok. The pets despawn after their master dies.
Logging this quest in your 60th season the mobs con dk. to lt. blue. Also the pets con lt. blue and are kos to you. But your choice.
Good luck see you in ZP.
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